Clean multiple flue sizes up to 18' long.

(Additional rods sold separately.)

• Helps prevent fires.
• Do it yourself and save money.
• Fits multiple flue sizes.
• Won't scratch metal flue pipes.
• Spins "forward" and "reverse".

SootEater™ Makes It Easy To Clean & Maintain Your Wood Stove & Fireplace Chimney

Replaces Multiple
Brush Sizes

"Chimney Whip Advantage"

• Unique "Trim-to-Fit" design cleans multiple flue sizes & shapes (round, square, rectangle, oval)
• Works with any drill
• Won't scratch metal flues like a steel brush
• Fits through tight areas
• Replaceable whip line

Reversible Quick
Connect System

"Button-Link" Quick Connect System

• Fast and easy to use
• Completely reversible
• Spin the rods in both directions (forward & reverse)
*Note: this is necessary to clean square and rectangle flues

Durable and
Extremely Flexible

Rotary Flexible Rods

• Easily clean from the bottom up
• Durable - won't break
• Extremely Flexible
• Makes multiple bends
• Use year after year

Clean from the bottom up

without getting on a ladder


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